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Life as an Impacter

All our team share similar traits and we expect you to also possess.

You use your initiative.

Always considering what is next, considering what could go wrong and use logic to make decisions to drive a project or the business forward.

You’re Ambitious

You are not happy with sitting still; you’re hungry for success and want to constantly progress in your career. You always want to deliver better and improve yourself and your skillsets.

You are a Spot The Difference champion.

Your attention to detail is out of this world. You can spot the things that others don’t and can look at a visual file and a live site and see immediately spot the difference to the nearest pixel.

You’re fighting the corner of the user

You want to create websites that people want to use. You’re committed to producing easy to navigate, simple to use and rapid to load experiences that work on the devices that users use most.

You are all about the latest tech & software

You are always looking at the latest technology to make your role easier, more efficient and improve internal processes or systems.

You have the tunes on and are ready to roll

You have a playlist ready, headphones on, are distraction free and are ready to roll up your sleeves to hit project deadlines.

You are the most organised person you know

You plan ahead. You value your time so want to make the best use of it. Allocating the right time preparing for meetings and calls to ensure that you don’t waste someone else’s time.

You enjoy and love what you do

You are truly passionate about your role and can talk about it until the sun comes up. You thrive on the pressure of deadlines and can keep your cool in all situations.

You get actively involved in workplace banter

You can confidently share an embarrassing story about yourself as an initiation, knowing that this will be a conservation starter for your colleagues.

Examples – James once won a flower arranging competition. Martin once worked in a strip club (As a DJ)

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