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Who is Yepic?

We are on a mission to help the world connect through video.

Yepic AI is a pioneering company specializing in AI-powered video solutions. As a potential candidate, you would be working with an innovative platform that provides an AI video toolkit for creating, dubbing, and personalizing videos. This technology is transforming the way businesses communicate, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution to video creation. With Yepic AI, videos can be generated in minutes without the need for expensive equipment or studios. The platform also boasts VidVoice technology, which can translate videos into multiple languages with flawless lip-sync, providing a native experience for all users. As part of the Yepic AI team, you would have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology, contribute to real-time video creation at scale, and be part of a company that is highly trusted and rated by global companies.

Why do people work with Yepic?

"I joined Yepic's PhD research fellowship program last year, it was a great choice. The fast paced learning and rapid deployment of my work were very different to what I was expecting, the experience has helped me grow professionally and personally" - Yunqi

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